Employees’ Advisory Council (EAC) Delegate Appointment Form

What is an EAC delegate?

  • The mission of the Employees' Advisory Council (EAC) is to continually improve the Pinellas County classified employees' quality of work life.
  • The EAC structure includes delegates at every work site throughout the County. These delegates act as an up-and-down communication link between employees at their work locations and the EAC representatives.
  • Delegates are not elected. They are appointed through an informal process that determines an individual’s willingness to serve in that role.

What are the EAC delegate requirements?­­

  • A delegate must be a regular status, full-time classified emplo­­yee with at least one year of service.
  • Supervisor approval is necessary each year.
  • Delegates serve a one-year term from March to February.
  • Delegates attend bi-monthly meetings from 8 to 10 a.m. on the 4th Thursday in January, March, May, July, and September and the 3rd Thursday in November.
  • EAC representatives are responsible for ensuring that each of the delegate areas in their group is staffed per the EAC Bylaws.
  • NOTE: An EAC representative who serves as a delegate for their area does not need to complete this form.
The employee completing this form agrees to serve as an EAC delegate for one year and confirms the following statements are accurate: *
Term Years are from March to February. Please enter your Term Start Year and Term End Year below. (Example: 2022 - 2023)
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