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Demolition Project
A demolition notification form, asbestos survey report, and appropriate fee must be submitted or postmarked to Pinellas County Air Quality Division (PCAQD) at least ten (10) working days prior to the start of any demolition project at an applicable facility, even if no asbestos containing material is found. {40 CFR 61-145(b)}
The 10-day demolition notification cannot be filed until all regulated asbestos-containing materials (RACM) have been removed. {40 CFR 61-145(c)(1) and Pinellas County Code Sec. 58-147(b)(1)}
Obtaining a demolition permit from the local building department DOES NOT meet
the NESHAP notification requirement. All required Asbestos Notifications must be
submitted to PCAQD.
All regulated asbestos containing material shall be removed from nonexempt structures prior to any demolition activity. {Pinellas County Code Sec. 58-149(c)}
An Asbestos Removal Notification Form may also need to be completed and submitted.
The ten (10) working day notification period will not officially begin until all required notification information, fees, and asbestos survey documents have been submitted. If submitted by mail, the postmark will establish the beginning of the ten (10) working days.
Additional Fees May Apply: After-the-fact notifications are double the normal fee. A late revision to a notification is $250.
Fee Exemptions: Fee requirements are not applicable when the asbestos removal project is in a school, college, university, or a residential dwelling, as residential dwelling is defined in Rule 62-257.200, F.A.C. Some exceptions may apply.
To review all information about Asbestos Removal Projects, please visit Asbestos Notifications, Fee Processing, & Fee Schedule on the Pinellas County website.
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