Orlando Torah Academy 2020 Order Form Rental Items CALL TO CONFIRM ORDER PRIOR TO PLACING Any Questions - Call/whatsapp/text 407-412-3199

Rentals - Call 407-412-3199 if you need any help with the form - We have strollers, and other items available, thru our supplier. PLEASE NOTE, THAT IF STOCK RUNS OUT, PRICES WILL RISE. PLEASE LOCK IN BY BOOKING EARLY

All items are a per "stay" rental. Please fill in the quantity in the blank box. We have many more items available thru our agency, such as wheelchairs, bikes, etc. Just ask! (minimum order for delivery may be required)

Items/Rentals Delivery/Pickup

Please make your selection below. Orlando Torah Center's address is 8613 Banyan Blvd, Orlando, FL 32819. Alternatively, you can pick up from Orlando Torah Academy - 8651 Commodity Circle, Orlando FL 32819 🛈


Please call 407-412-3199 before booking a kashering reservation. Please put in the comments when you are checking in, and when you might have access to the villa. IF you are able to find out when the prior guests are checking out, (more than 24 hours before you check in, or less, please let us know, so we can know about being pogeim. We kasher all counters, the sinks, and your oven/stove. (Many stoves here are made of glass that leads to Shaalos. Please call to discuss. 🛈
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