RSVP for Shabbos Minyanim in Champions Gate or Encore below - Chanukah and Yeshiva Break 2020! For Shabbos Chanukah as well as Jan 14- Feb 2. (Call us about Reunion/Encore/Solara) (There will be weekday minyanim as well, of course, open to all)

Back by popular demand....If you are looking for a Minyan in Champions Gate for anytime from the 17th of January to the 3rd of February, Orlando Torah Academy has a minyan for you! We are renting a large villa (or two) exclusively for the minyan and ensuring a minyan, with siddurim/chumashim/Sefer Torah, etc, coffee station and a place to learn. (As many of you know, many hours are spent on the phone assisting with everything from minyan/villa/food/tickets/parks questions). To allay the costs of the minyan villa rental, chairs/tables/ and janitorial, we are asking a nominal sum per family/villa and hope to fundraise some additional donations from those who can to help make up the shortfall. To join the Orlando Torah Academy popup minyan, please fill out the form below to RSVP and text/whatsapp 407-412-3199 to be added. For Minyanim in Reunion please call, as well.

Do you know which development you are booking in? (Which villa shul is pertinent to you?) (Call if unsure) *
Although minyanim will be happening during the week, we really just need counts for Shabbosos.

Which Shabbos(es) is/are pertinent to you - the 16th, 23th, or 30th?
The villa/Shul will be hosting minyanim during the week and on Shabbos, of course. To get a feel for the zmanim people would like for Shabbos, and so we can tally the interest for specific times, what minyan options would you be interested in? (A schedule will be sent out closer to...together with the precise address)

Rentals items available to general public (not limited to those attending the minyanim

Available for pickup in Champions Gate or at the school - for those attending our minyanim, or not. Please enter the number of items you wish to order. Delivery is additional for some it (and option to pickup available). Feel free to contact us at 407-412-3199 with any questions. Most items will be available for pickup in Champions Gate during the week of Jan 16 - Feb 3, but some items are limited.


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