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Please take a few moments to read the following information on the Off Axis touring network and then fill in your details below to complete your registration.
Off Axis is a new touring network that enables brilliant artists to play successful shows, to guaranteed audiences all across the UK, even in places they’ve never visited before.

The system works by connecting artists and allowing them to host one another at gigs in their respective hometowns - solving the problem of finding meaningful and well attended shows in other towns and cities.

We believe that Off Axis can offer unprecedented opportunities for artists and fans alike, and can help to build a stronger and more vibrant independent live music sector across the country.
As such:
• It will enable you to play to new, guaranteed audiences in places you’ve never visited before
• It will allow you to build a national fanbase in a way never before possible
• It will open up opportunities in towns and cities that previously you may never have considered
• It will allow you to host brilliant artists in your hometown, which in turn can help you to bolster your  local fanbase
• Off Axis uses a credit system to ensure hard working artists get out as much as they put in
Please note - Off Axis is FREE to use, and is non-exclusive. By this we mean that just because you have signed up to Off Axis it does not mean you are obliged to use if for all your shows, some artists might use it regualrly, others only once in a while.

How It Works

In the system you earn 'credits' by hosting artists from other places at one of your hometown shows (they support you in front of your audience).
You then redeem these 'credits' in order to play shows in new towns and cities that you have never visited before (supporting a band from that town and playing to their audience).
You do not necessarily have to support the same band as you hosted (i.e. it does not have to be a straight swap). The credit system means that you could, for example, host a band from Glasgow at one of your shows, but then use the credit you earned doing so to get a support slot in Leeds.
Key to the system is that everyone involved agrees to guarantee a good audience (with a minimum of around 70 people) at the hometown shows they organise. In order to maintain this criteria, Off Axis is a closed system (you either have to be invited, or you have to apply to join). Every artist in the system will have a profile created on the Off Axis site, which includes genre tags and video and audio links - this allows you to identify suitable artists to host or play alongside and ensure that all Off Axis shows are relevant to the fans.
In essence Off Axis is a system to allow great artists to 'trade' audiences with one another, vastly increasing the number of relevant music lovers you can reach, and enabling you to build a national fanbase in a way never before possible.
You will be able to access more details of exactly how Off Axis works once you have received your Login to the site.
To be part of the Off Axis network you must be able to produce hometown shows with a minimum of around 70 people in the audience, and be able to offer support slots to artists from other towns and cities at those shows. Please confirm whether or not you can reach this criteria: *
NB: if you cannot yet reach the requisite criteria for providing a minimum audience, but are interested in joining the system then contact us at We are developing a number of toolkits to help artists to grow their local audience to the level required to join Off Axis. 
Important note - In this first phase you will be able to request support slots before you have earned any credits on the system. This is to ensure that artists can circulate from the very beginning. Artists added to the system further down the line will have to host someone first, in order to earn credits, before they can request a gig in another town.
However, in order to ensure that we can circulate as many artists as possible to as many places as possible from the very beginning we ask that you add the details of a hometown show to the Off Axis system (one at which you can have an artist from another town support you at) within six weeks of registering. The show itself does not have to take place within six weeks (it could be that it is in July or August 2015 for example), but we want to get as many opportunities added to the system as soon as possible so that artists can start playing in new places, and also start generating and spending credits.
Also, it is worth baring in mind that this is not necessarily a case of organising additional Off Axis shows, but rather one of using the system as a way to help you organise, and in turn benefit more from, shows you would be doing anyway – that could be anything from a gig you usually put on every couple of months for your fans, your latest EP launch, and so on. Of course, you may wish to put together extra shows in order to earn more credits to enable you to play more shows in other towns.

Artist Details

The follow information will be used to create your profile on the Off Axis site. Once registered you will be sent Login details and a password for your profile which you will be able to amend and edit if neceesary.
Genre (the system will allow you to search for artists of a similar style / genre to yourself in order to ensure the best match for gig opportunities). Please indicate the genre(s) that are best suited to you. *

Your Music

Social Media


Recommend Someone Else

If you know of any other artists that you think would be good to get involved in the Off Axis system then please let us know. The main criteria is that they are able to produce hometown shows with a minimum audience of around 70 people, and are willing to host artists from elsewhere at those shows.

Thanks, and keep in touch...

Thanks for getting involved with Off Axis.
We believe that by working together we can create unprecedented opportunites for hard working, like minded artists on a scale never before possible.
Provided you meet the criteria of the system we will have your login details with you in the next couple of weeks.
You can follow us on Facebook at and on Twitter @offaxis
If you have any questions then please email
We'll be in touch.
The Off Axis team
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