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How To Reach Us:  If you have questions about this application, email us at We will aim to be in touch with you within two business days.

How To Complete This Application:  Complete each item of this online application form.  Do not leave any item blank.  To locate instructions for completion of each item, glide your cursor across the “?” next to each item. 

You must complete each item on a given page before you will be able to advance to the next page. You will not be able to submit the application before each item on each page is completed.

How To Save Your Work On This Application And Then Return To It Later:  You may register and set up a free account with FormSite--the software platform for this application--in order to save your prior work, and then return to the application later.  

To register, please CLICK HERE  to setup or return to your account for this form. The established account is only for this particular form. 

If you do not register with FormSite, you will not be able to save a partially completed application—in which case you will need to complete the application from start to finish during one work episode.

How To Download and Save Copy of Blank Application Form:  If you prefer to save a copy of this application to your computer, please click on: CLICK HERE.   You can then download this application and save it on your computer.

How To Submit Application:  If you are unable to submit this application online, you can email it to or mail it to:  Health Care Quality Accounts Grant Program, Quality Initiatives Unit, Office of Health Care Quality, 7120 Samuel Morse Drive, Columbia MD 21046

Project Proposal Information:

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