This student is applying for admission to North Broward Preparatory School. We appreciate the time you spend completing this confidential request. Your candid evaluation of the applicant will be of great value to the Admission Committee.

School Recommendation Form for admission to PK3 - Kindergarten

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Please rate the student on Social/Emotional Development : *
 Exceeds AgeAge AppropriateNeeds DevelopmentComments
Works respectfully with peers
Is able to wait for a turn
Carries out responsibilities
Interacts cooperatively with others
Interacts respectfully with teachers
Transitions easily
General behavior is predictable and age appropriate
Exhibits self-control
Please rate the student on Academic Skill Development : *
Listens attentively and follows directions and rules
Demonstrates ability to focus on task and to problem solve
Completes tasks in allotted time
Works carefully and neatly
Works well independently
Please rate the student on Physical Development: *
 Exceeds AgeAge AppropriateNeeds DevelopmentComments
Is able to relax
Small muscle control and coordination
Large muscle control and coordination
Speech development (articulation)
Left/right directionality
Please describe the child’s development of:
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