Requirements for Nomination

1. The nominee may be nominated by someone else or self-nominated.
2. The nominee may be actively teaching or retired.
3. NNSTOY member may nominate any teacher.

Application Guidelines

1. Application must be completed in its entirety, you can not save this application and return later.
2. Five letters of support are required. Include one from each of the following individuals, plus one additional letter from an individual of your choice.
     Colleague/Team member
     Parent of a student
     Principal or other supervisor
3. If retired, use your last year of teaching for reference.


March 6th - Deadline for applications
April 1st - Notification of awardee

Nominator Information

Nominee Information

Nominee Permission and Verification Sheet

Self Portrait

Please describe in full detail the obstacle/obstacles that have happened in your personal or professional life and that because of "Chasing that Rainbow," you have been able to overcome, have made a difference in the life/lives of a student/students, and have become exemplary in the teaching profession. Your self-portrait should include 5 steps:
1. CLOUDS - Tell about your obstacle/obstacles in life (illness, adverse conditions, tragedies, poverty, poor working conditions, discrimination, handicaps, etc.).
2. CHASING RAINBOW - Describe how you began to overcome your obstacle/obstacles and something positive began to happen.
3. BRIGHT LIGHT - Tell how these experiences made you a better teacher.
4. DROPLETS OF WATER - Explain how your story has made a difference in the life/lives of student/students.
5. POT OF GOLD - Explain how these experiences have been rewarding to you and molded you into an exemplary teacher.

Letters of Support

Please include FIVE letters of support. Include one from each of the individuals listed under application guidelines, plus one additional letter of your choice.

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