We are bringing together THOUSANDS of attendees from all over the world for 2018
420 On The Block and World Cannabis Week
celebration located at Fox Street Compound. 
Sign up quickly as table and booth spaces are selling out.
As of 4.6.18 we are at 70% capacity. 
Marketing and Promotion for massive exposure:
The event will employ a massive marketing campaign including Westword, Ganja Gazette, Cannapages, Culture, National PR, Facebook Ads, 300k emails, 400 posters, and live radio spots.
Thousands of people are visiting 420ontheblock.com and worldcannabisweek.com events. We need partners like you to help represent our diverse and growing community. We are expecting 15,000 people over the 3 day event.
Event Details:
Dates: April 20th - 22nd, 2018
Hours: 420 Bazaar Friday from 1pm-8pm, Saturday & Sunday from Noon-8pm. Festival Interior Friday from 3pm-10pm, Saturday & Sunday from 2pm-10pm.
Location: Fox Street Compound in RiNo / Highlands area of Denver, CO
For complete details visit:

Application Checklist

A complete application MUST include:

• This completed application.

• Full payment for booth fee.

• A description of planned booth activities (including menus for Food Trucks).

• Electrical Needs Form: If you require electricity, you MUST fill out the "Electric Form" section of this application.

• Certificate of Liability Insurance with additionally insured added. *Please see below for requirements.
• If you plan to sell merchandise, you will also need a valid sales tax licenses with the City and County of Denver or a Copy of Mobile Retail License for Food Trucks. 

Vendor Information

• Vendors will be assigned a 10’ x 10’ booth space. All vendors WILL BE PROVIDED A tented, 4-walled 10x10 foot booth space. TABLES, CHAIRS, and LINENS ARE NOT INCLUDED AND MUST BE SUPPLIED BY YOU. 
• Food Trucks will be assigned a 15' x 20' space. Spaces for food trucks will be assigned on a rolling arrival schedule to accommodate the space (applies to both 420 Bazaar and the Music Festival interior).
• Vendors may only sell items approved by 420 OTB. (Beverages not permitted). All vendors must use 100% biodegradable disposables. 
• Vendors must be present at their booth throughout the event to sell their product personally. Vendors may not leave their assigned spaces to sell, solicit, or distribute information in the walkways. All vendors will also be required to stay for the duration of the bazaar hours for all 3 days of the festival (420 Bazaar Hours: Friday @ 1pm-8pm, Saturday & Sunday @ Noon-8pm / Festival Interior Hours: Friday @ 3pm-10pm, Saturday & Sunday 2pm-10pm).

• Vendors who are accepted into 420 Bazaar will receive, via EMAIL, an “Acceptance” email upon approval within 72 hours. As the event draws closer, a more detailed timeline and an informational packet with load-in/out times, instructions and other important details for the festival weekend will be sent.
• This event is rain or shine so there are NO refunds if you shouldn’t be able to participate after applying and payment is processed.

• A total of FOUR staff/vendor tickets to the festival will be given each participating vendor.

If you're interested in a higher level representation tier to reach out to us about our sponsorship levels, we'd love to chat with you!

**Note: Food Truck will be the only food sold in the 420 Bazaar as well as the Music Festival Interior. Space is limited (estimated at 10 total) and the event will be capping each food category to a max of two trucks each if not less.

420 On the Block Bazaar Vendor Application

As a two-year festival with a commitment to years to come, we have commissioned a serious marketing budget to ensure all participants have a successful festival experience. The information provided above will be used to help advertise and market your offering to the best of our abilities. 
PLEASE NOTE: All Festival communication will occur through EMAIL, unless you specify otherwise. To ensure you receive emails from 420 OTB, please set your SPAM blocker to accept e-mails from:
How big of a presence would you like? *
Additional Optional Services
Do you require any additional services?

Liability Insurance

All vendors are required to submit a Certificate of Insurance naming 420 On The Block LLC, as Certificate Holder and as additional insured showing liability coverage for $1,000,000.00 incidental and $2,000,000.00 general aggregate. This insurance policy must list the following information in the “Additional Insured” box: The Green Solution, Pioneer Industries, Symbiotic Event Services, Collaborative Events, Ideaison and their officers, members, volunteers, staff and agents and the owners of any 420 OTB related property as additional insured's.
The address to be specified on the COI (Certificate of Insurance) is - 
420 On the Block, LLC
700 17th St, Suite 2200
Denver, CO 80202 



Please make you your check payable: 420 On the Block  

All checks must be hand-delivered to My 420 Tours, 3881 Steele St. Unit 10 Denver, CO 80205


If you wish to scan and copy this completed application, please email matt@my420tours.com

Contact Information: My 420 Tours Office #855.694.2086 Info@my420tours.com


Dear Vendor,

This will help you determine your power needs, which will help us provide you with predictable and reliable power. During the advance process it would be helpful to understand what exactly your individual requirements are. We understand that a key to your success is having uninterrupted reliable power when you need it. To that end we have compiled this vendor’s user guide.


WATTAGE (I.E. 1000W): When requesting power it is important to know what the wattage of your electrical device is. This gives us an idea of how much power you will need and allows us to size accordingly. Voltage (i.e. 120v / 220v): When requesting power it is important that we know the operating voltage of your equipment. We will use your volt and watt information to tailor an electrical service just for your needs. It is important that this information be all inclusive of your equipment so our power provider can create an electrical service just for your needs.

WHY UNDERSIZED WIRE EFFECTS SUSTAINED POWER PERFORMANCE: The biggest danger in sustaining power over an undersized wire where heat builds up. It is a shock and fire hazard to run an undersized wire to any load. The wire will start to break own potentially exposing the conductor and in some cases melting or catching on fire. It is good practice to always use 12awg wire and keep your length to a maximum of 100 feet.

BASIC REQUIREMENTS FOR VENDORS: The electrical supplier is required to provide power discussed in the advance process within 15 feet for your booth. It is the vendor’s responsibility to provide extension cords from equipment to power source.

In the event that the wiring of your truck or trailer is interfering with the main power grid, the event will request that you remove yourself from the power grid. If time allows, the certified SES Electrician will offer his services to potentially resolve the issue but for an additional fee to be paid onsite. This request will only be met if the vendor has all needed components on hand and the SES Electrician is able to turn his attention away from the event to attempt to resolve the issue(s). A maximum of 1 hour of assistance will be offered. If the issue(s) are unable to be resolved during that event days 'run of show', the vendor must become electrical code compliant within 15 hours or 2 hours prior to doors opening and approved by the SES Electrician before returning to their zone or remove the vehicle from site for the next days run of show. The vendor can re-enter the event to continue serving only during a Vendor Coordinator or Operations Director approved time of event hours. We strongly encourage all vendors to have a certified electrician inspect their trucks or trailer before the event to ensure a smooth event and season of operation.

KNOW YOUR EQUIPMENT: Please fill in the spaces below to identify specifically what equipment you have and the draw of the specific equipment. If you have any questions please contact at kaylee@collaborativeevents.com



Rules for all Exhibitors and Sponsors, any violation of the following will result in a minimum fine of $300.00 and possible ban from future 420 On The Block + World Cannabis Week events. Please read carefully and initial as necessary.

I hereby assume all of the risks, known and unknown, of participating in any/all of the various activities associated with this event, including by way of example and not limitation, any risks that may arise from negligence or carelessness on the part of the persons or entities being released, as well as any risks that may arise from negligence or carelessness on the part of the persons or entities participating in the event, from dangerous or defective equipment or property owned, maintained, or controlled by the Business, or because of their possible liability without fault.

I further release Pioneer Industries, World Cannabis Week, My 420 Tours, 420 On The Block, Symbiotic Event Solutions and all the participating businesses from any claim, loss and or other damages I may incur by participating in this event. 

I understand and agree to adhere to the policy specified above. *
Please check this box below *
Please sign here: *

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