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Postponed trips and travel credits = At this point, we are not accepting future reservations based on the lack of clarity from the department of health. Please know, if you accept a travel credit and help us fight this fight you will receive + 20% of your reservation total and your credit will NEVER expire. We are optimistic we will be able to operate at some point this summer so please stay tuned. 
Cancelations / Refunds = We are working to complete all refunds as time and funds permit. You will receive automated emails from our booking system as the status of your reservation changes. Please make sure your spam filter has not directed these messages to spam. Also please understand we only have the contact information for the booking party. If you are a secondary party to the reservation, please ask the booking party to forward these messages to you upon receipt. 
We thank you for your patience and support during these trying times and please know we are doing everything in our power to address all reservations as quickly as possible. 
Stay healthy, stay happy and please stay tuned! 
My 420 Tours 

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