Moorestown Theater Company

Main Stage '21 Registration
Shrek, The Musical

Fee: $195 - first family member (plus $45 one-time registration fee if this is your first MTC 2021 production)

        $170 - additional family members (plus $45 one-time registration fee if this is your first MTC 2021 production)

Contact MTC at (856) 778-8357 or email
if you have any questions about this form. 

This form is for one participant only. If you need to register another

family member, please start a new form. 

Contact information only needs to be filled in once per family.

General Requirements:  All children 12 and under must have an adult relative perform on stage with them.

Payment Due Date:   All registration fees are due before rehearsal begins (unless MTC Installment Plan is signed before first rehearsal).

Scholarship Available:  Please don’t be nervous about asking. (We don’t want anyone to not participate due to finances!)

Refund Policy: 

  • There are no refunds given once the Cast List is announced.
  • A pro-rated refund for medical issues will only be given with a doctor’s note.
  • The registration fee will not be refundable; only the participation fee is possibly refundable.

Medical Release:  All Cast Members are expected to follow all COVID-19 Pandemic Guidelines during rehearsals / performances, including having their temperature taken before entering the rehearsal space and wearing a face mask or face shield. Therefore, I release and hold harmless the Moorestown Theater Company, Inc. (MTC), and any of its officers, trustees, and/or staff, of any and all liability for any injuries or damages to me or my child, as a result of any function, rehearsal, or performance.  Furthermore, all participants are physically fit (except as noted below) to participate in a theatrical production.  I hereby authorize MTC to act for me in a medical emergency in the event that I cannot be immediately contacted.  I also hereby assume responsibility for payment of any treatment.

Media Disclaimer:  I will allow my name and photo and/or names and photos of my family to be used for promotional purposes, to be printed in the production’s program, and/or to be posted on the MTC website.

I acknowledge reading all of the above items, I understand all of them, and by clicking on the box below, I agree to abide by all of them. *