Moorestown Theater Company

Main Stage '18 Registration


Ages 6 & Up

Children Ages 6 - 12  need an adult relative to participate with them on-stage

Fees:  First Family Member - $250 ($205 + $45 one-time registration fee per person)

Additional Family Members - $200 ($155 + $45 one-time registration fee per person)

Each person auditioning must pay at least $25 at the audition if they have not already paid in full when registering. This $25 is part of the $250 & $200 fees mentioned above, so if you choose to only pay $25 at the audtion, this $25 will be subtracted from the total fee.

Orchestra Members, Stage Crew, & Volunteers: Free

This form is for one participant only. If you need to register another participant, please start a new form. Contact information only needs to be filled in once per family.

Contact Jen at (856) 778-8357 or
if you have any questions about this form. 

Medical & Media Releases
Medical Release:  I release and hold harmless the Moorestown Theater Company, Inc. (MTC), and any of its officers, trustees, and/or staff, of any and all liability for any injuries or damages to me or my child, as a result of any function, rehearsal, or performance.  Furthermore, all participants are physically fit (except as noted below) to participate in a theatrical production.  I hereby authorize MTC to act for me in a medical emergency in the event that I cannot be immediately contacted.  I also hereby assume responsibility for payment of any treatment.

Participant Agreement:  I acknowledge that I have read the MTC Participant Agreement, which appears below, and hereby agree to abide by its terms.

The Moorestown Theater Company (MTC) welcomes you and thanks you for participating in this production.  The purpose of this Participant Agreement is to establish some expectations of all involved.

What Cast Members Will Do:
·         I will attend every rehearsal for which I am scheduled.
·         I will be prepared for every rehearsal for which I am scheduled.
·         I will call if I have to miss or be late for a scheduled rehearsal (Producer Mark Morgan at 609 / 922-2506).
·         I understand that if I have more than three un-excused rehearsal absences, I may be dropped from the production and/or musical numbers.
·         I will not use alcohol or drugs during any MTC rehearsal or performance as this may void MTC's lease agreement with all of our landlords. 
·         I will be respectful of each location in which we rehearse or perform.

·         I will do my best to not cause any damage to any of these locations, and know that I will be held financially responsible for the cost of repairs for any damages.
·         I will be respectful of the MTC production staff and my fellow cast members.
·         I will be responsible for attending my assigned costume fitting appointment (per the costume department’s email) and getting any costumes not provided by MTC in the Costume Plot for this production (which will not be anything major).
·         I will complete my “bio” for the production’s program at within the first two weeks of the production.
·         If available, I will perform with my fellow cast members at any public parades/performances, such as Moorestown Day, Fourth of July Parade, Family Fun Day, Candlelight Night, Holiday Parade, and/or Art Walks.
·      I will assist my fellow cast members with the “Set Strike” for my production.

What MTC Will Do:
·         MTC will provide a fun, valuable, and educational theatrical experience.
·         MTC will provide supervised sites to rehearse and perform.
·         MTC will provide a fair casting process, with the goal of getting the best actor in each role (which may result in some roles being “double-cast”).
·         MTC will provide a musical score to each participant (which may be kept).
·         MTC will provide a script to participants with “speaking” roles (which also may be kept).
·         MTC will provide a T-shirt (with cast on back) to each participant (at no additional charge).
·         For “Main Stage” productions only, MTC will provide a “lawn sign” to each participant to display (and to keep).
·         For “Main Stage” productions only, MTC will host an end-of-show cast pool party (after the “Set Strike”).

Media Disclaimer:  I will allow my name and photo and/or names and photos of my family to be used for promotional purposes, to be printed in the production’s program, and/or to be posted on the MTC website.

Refund Policy:   A $25.00  fee per participant will be kept by MTC if anyone chooses not to participate after registering.

I acknowledge reading all of the above items, I understand all of them, and by clicking on the box below, I agree to abide by all of them.

I agree to the terms in the MTC Releases listed above. *