Moorestown Theater Company
Junior Theater Festival '19 Registration Form for
Academy A: Seussical, Kids. (through 8th grade) &
Academy B: The Lion King, Jr. (through 12th grade)
To This Number: 81010, Text This Message: @19-jtf  (Everyone needs to do this)
Seussical, Kids participants:  To 81010 text @19-jtf-a
The Lion King, Jr. participants: To 81010 text @19-jtf-b 
This form is collecting information on each person traveling to JTF.
The cost is approximately $1,600 per person
(which can be reduced based on your participation in fundraising activites).
There is an extra $150 being collected this year for all teens traveling alone.
Payment Schedule
$195 / month due on the first of the month, June through December.
First payment due upon registration, no later than Monday, May 14th.
If you have a teen traveling alone your first payment includes the
$150 mentioned above for a total of $345.
If payments are not received by the 5th of each month, a $25 late fee will be incurred.
Contact the following people based on your query: 
Questions about this form and payments: Jen Grasso at (856) 778-8357 or
Questions regarding travel arrangements: Stacy Coggan at (856) 481-0101.
All other questions: Erica Sirdashney at
Please enter your name as it appears on the official ID you will be carrying with you.
When picking a show to associate you with - do not panic! This can be changed if you switch shows.
Non-performers must be related to a show also.