All bios must have a word count below 50. Bios may be edited due to space constraints.

Please write your bio in the third person, i.e.
"Mark is happy to be in his fifth musical" , not "I am happy to be in my fifth show"

Please - "Shout-outs" only to family members, not the whole rest of the cast by name!

Each cast and crew member should submit a bio!  (Please help spread the word about MTC by listing your roles in Moorestown Theater Company productions when you write your bios for productions that you are in at school or with other theater groups!)  Thank you!

Sample “Lead” Bio
Jack Morgan ('Albert Peterson') · School: MHS · Grade: 10 · Age: 15 · Town: Moorestown · This is Jack’s 59th production (either on- or off-stage)! His favorite roles/shows: 'Marley’s Ghost' / ACC: TM, 'Ching Ho' / Thoroughly Modern Millie, Jr., 'Louis' / The King And I, and 'Yao' / Disney’s Mulan, Jr.  Last summer, Jack played 'Shane Gray' / DCR: TM, 'Curly' / G2K...Oklahoma, 'Tommy Djilas' / The Music Man, and 'Gaston' / DBATB, Jr.    Jack loves sports, especially baseball and street hockey. "Berak A Leg!", everyone.

Sample “Minor Lead” Bio
Jane Smith ('Molly' – 'Gold' Cast; Orphan – 'Black' Cast) · School:  SVES · Grade:  3·  Age: 8 · Town:  Moorestown · Jane is excited to be in Annie, Jr.  She made her acting debut this past summer in MTC’s The King And I.  Jane sings in her church choir and is a Girl Scout.  She plays field hockey and softball.  Jane sends a special thank you to Mom, Dad¸ and brother John.  Jane also thanks MTC and the production staff, and says “Break A Leg!” to the entire Annie, Jr. cast.

Sample Ensemble Bio
Sue Jones (Orphan) · School:  UES · Grade:  5 · Age: 10 · Town:  Mt. Laurel · Sue is having so much fun in Annie, Jr., which is her first show ever!  She is always singing and dancing around the house, and decided to see what it would be like to do it on-stage.  Sue plays the piano and basketball.  She thanks the production staff, and says “Break A Leg” to all of her friends in the Annie, Jr. cast!  Sue sends love to her Mom, Dad, and her brother Jim!

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