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The Basin is open for business and we need your help!

We are showcasing local businesses to encourage our residents to Buy the Basin. You can help by sending photos that we can use on social media, print ads, billboards, and other advertising. 

Thank you for helping make sure the buck stays here!

Photo Submission Requirements:

  • Photos may be taken with your phone.
  • Photos need to be in color. If photos are taken on a phone, please provide/submit "actual size" or "full resolution" photos.
  • Photos should include you and/or your employees at your place of business.
  • If possible, include your business sign/logo in the photograph.
  • Don’t use images with dark or black backgrounds.
  • Don’t crop in tight on images. Please leave plenty of visual room around the subjects.

Note: The Selection of photos is strictly at the discretion of the campaign. Submission is consent for usage in all media.


About your business:

Contact Information: