M-Squad Application

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To join and remain an active M-Squad Ambassador, one must:
• Be employed by a member of the Midland Chamber or have an individual membership in good standing

• Be supported by your employer in joining M-Squad (a supervisor signature is required)

• Believe in the mission and support the goals of the Chamber

• Represent the Chamber in a positive and professional manner

• Attend at least 30% of scheduled events

• Pay yearly membership dues ($20, billed each October)

• Purchase one of the official M-Squad Uniform options (Blazer - $63+, men's/women's; Scarf - $20, women's)


This application process is not considered complete until the $20 application fee is remitted to the Midland Chamber of Commerce. You will be notified once your application has been processed and approved. Upon acceptance into M-Squad, you will be provided information to order your chosen uniform.


I agree to accept the responsibilities and guidelines outlined for M-Squad Ambassadors. I agree to commit the time and effort necessary to become and remain an active M-Squad member.


To SIGN on non-touch screens: Left-click and hold your mouse while signing.
To SIGN on touch screens: Use your finger to sign.

REMINDER: An employer's/supervisor's name, title, and signature are also required.
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