NEW (PLEASE READ): IF YOU ARE SUBMITTING AFTER MIDNIGHT ON 2/20, ONLY COMPLETE THE MANDATORY FIELDS (marked with an *). NO PHOTO IS NEEDED. This form will remain available after the deadline; however, any submissions after the deadline will NOT be included in the yearbook and used only for the purposes of additional names needed for the grad ceremony and certificates at Championships. 

This form should be used if you are one of the following members of MWCGC performing at Championships:

1) A graduating HS senior from a scholastic guard

2) Any who are aging out of Independent RA/IA at age 21 or an IO unit at age 22

3)  8th graders in Independent Cadets or Scholastic Cadets units 

Please read the following guidelines carefully:


1) Please remember that we cannot and will not print any photos that have a photographer's watermark on them -- even if they indicate "ok for yearbook" because this refers to your HS yearbook not our yearbook. If you upload a photo with a photographers watermark on it, it will not be used.

2) Attach your electronic photo images directly to this form. This should be a jpg format photo and include your name and school name or Independent Unit Name within the name of the jpg file (example: JaneSmithJustinHighSchool.jpg). This helps us assure correct matches of photos to information in the yearbook.  

DEADLINE: The deadline above is firm. If you submit your form after the deadline, your information will not be included in the yearbook. 

CERTIFICATES...will be given to unit directors to hand out to their members on the floor during Full Unit Awards Finale.

Please note that any inappropriate content will be edited and will chance not being included in this year’s yearbook.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact Lauren Pardun at lmpardun@gmail.com. Thanks everyone!


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