What is a unit ad? It's a FREE half-page space we give each guard in the annual yearbook. This form is relatively simple. A few guidelines before you begin:
1. This is an optional choice as a way for units to show their pride, thank their members, recruit for next year, etc. Some units include pictures, some units just include words. Either is fine. We only ask that you be sure the ad has relatively clean and simple lines that will transfer well to the yearbook. 
2. We ask that your ad be submitted via this form in pdf or jpg format. Files must be under 20 mb size.
3. The ad should be no more than 5 inches tall and 8 inches wide (landscape orientation). 
4. Only black and white images will be utilized. If you are submitting a color file, please be sure that it transfers well to a black and white format. 
5. One ad per guard, please. if you have multiple guards in different divisions, they may each have an ad space. 
6. There is no charge for these ads; however, they MUST be submitted by the deadline to be included. 
Ads are due no later than February 20th. If you have any questions, please contact Lauren at lmpardun@gmail.com or (630) 853 - 7964