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We provide 1 death certificate for FREE. If you require additional Death Certificates, please be advised at the time of filling the cost is $13 per additional. *If you require additional Death Certificates after we have filled, the cost is $20 per additional. Please indicate how many Death Certificates you require at the time of filling. *
We provide (up to) 2 Keepsake Urns or 1 Silver Scattering Tube for FREE. Please indicate your Urn choice. *
"Meaningful Care Package" {A truly meaningful hand packaged gift that promotes peace, healing and love for the next-of-kin}. *
"Meaningful Donation to Charity" {The opportunity to have M.D. Global donate to a local program in memory of your deceased loved one}. *
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Once the Crematory returns the Cremains back to M.D. Global, how do you want the Cremains returned? *