Vakriti, current condition
Filling out this form will give me information to determine your current condition (vakriti). You must put an answer in every box, even if it is just an approximation, and then click submit, or the form will not go through. 
1. I have been feeling nervous, fearful, panicky, anxious or frantic. *
2. I have twitches, tics, tremors or spasms in my body and I fidget a lot. *
3. My skin is dry and easily chapped *
4. I have been suffering from dry, hard stools, constipation, gas, or bloating. *
5. I feel I am underweight. *
6. Lately I have a stronger dislike of the wind and cold than usual. *
7.I have a difficult time tolerating loud noise. *
8. My sleep has been light, interrupted, restless or disturbed. *
9. I feel scattered, spacey and have difficulty concentrating or have poor memory. *
10. I have been having loose stools. *
11. I am prone to over-thinking or worrying. *
12. I have a red, inflamed or burning rash, acne, cold sores or fever blisters. *
13. I have acid reflux, heartburn, acid indigestion or a gastric or peptic ulcer or a tight, burning feeling in my stomach or digestive tract. *
14. I feel nauseated or uncomfortable if I miss a meal. *
15. My digestive system alternates between constipation and diarrhea. *
16. I have been feeling uncomfortably warm or hot. *
17. I have been feeling frustrated, irritable or angry. *
18. I can be easily judgmental, impatient, critical or intolerant of others. *
19. My eyes have been red, bloodshot, inflamed or sensitive to light. *
20. I expect perfection of myself or others. *
21. I have excess mucous in my body or nasal or lung congestion. *
22. I have a thick, white coat on my tongue. *
23. My bowel movements are slow, sticky, sluggish, or feel incomplete. *
24. I am overweight. *
25. It is difficult for me to wake up in the mornings, even if I sleep deeply for 8-10 hours, and I feel lethargic throughout the day. *
26. I have been feeling slow, foggy, dull, lethargic or heavy. *
27. In the morning I have to cough up a lot of mucous. *
28. I have a deep, wet cough that produces a lot of mucous. *
29. I feel complacent, stubborn and resistant to any change, or my close friends and family tell me that I am very slow to change or to make a decision. *
30. I am prone to excessive emotional eating, especially of sweet, heavy foods. *
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