Long Beach Police Department
Forensic Science Services Division
Crime Laboratory

Field Service Survey

Thank you for taking time to complete this important customer service survey.  The information will be used to improve the quality of service provided to the residents of the City of Long Beach by the Long Beach Police Department - Crime Laboratory.


1. How long after the incident were you contacted by someone from the Crime Lab?
2. How long after the incident did an analyst from the Crime Lab respond to your location to provide service?
5. Upon arrival to the location, did the analyst clearly communicate the service to be provided and information regarding how your location was to be processed?
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7. Was the analyst courteous, professional, and open-minded in his/her approach to processing your location?
8. Did the analyst exercise care when handling, examining, and processing personal items?
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Field Service Survey (QA-0029)   Revision #2  Issued by: Laboratory Directory  Issue Date: 06/23/2015