Long Beach Police Department
Forensic Science Services Division
Crime Laboratory

Forensic Services Survey

If you were recently provided services by our Forensics team,
Please take a few minutes to take the survey
and let us know how we can improve.
We appreciate your feedback.
Thank you!

How Well Did We Communicate With You?

1. Did you (or a family member) speak with the first responding Officer when they arrived?
2. Did they tell you that Forensic Services were available, and at no cost to you?
3. How would you rate the level of communication from the Crime Lab personnel


4. Did the forensic analyst communicate professionally and clearly about why they were there?
5. Did the analyst advise you of the type of processing they were going to do?
6. Did the forensic analyst exercise care when handling and processing your personal items?
Field Service Survey    Revision #3    Revised by: Forensic Specialist Supervisor     Rev and Issue Date: 06/11/2019