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The aim of this study is to improve human movement recognition via artificial intelligence technologies.

Participants will be video recorded performing basic movements such as walking, sitting, standing up, etc.

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Note that all minors must be registered by their legal guardian.
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Payment for completing this study will be performed via direct bank deposit.
Payments are sent within 4 weeks after the task is confirmed to be completed. 
A separate form will be requested to be filled in with your bank details, once the task is completed.
Payments can only be sent to a parent or legal guardian of the minor.
Payment for completing this study will be performed with a Target Giftcard.
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Your decision to participate in this Study is completely voluntary and you may decline to participate or stop or withdraw your participation at any time. You do not have to sign this Consent, but to participate in this Study, you must sign this Consent. 

This Study will involve parents and/or their Child or Minor who is under 18 years of age and therefore may not have the capacity to legally consent to take part in this Study. If a parent/guardian is signing on behalf of an individual who cannot legally consent to participate in the study, the pronouns “you” and “yours” should be read as referring both to the Child or Minor participant as well as the person (the parent/guardian) who is signing this Consent for the participant.



The aim of this Study is to improve human recognition via artificial intelligence technology. 

The data collected in this study may be used to assess products and services, which could include technologies and algorithms that operate on audio data for speech recognition, audio processing, communication, and other multi-media. 



As part of this Study, the following information may be collected or accessed as part of the Study (collectively, we call this “Study Data”): 

  • Contact Information of the parent or guardian: Name, email address, telephone number and relationship to the minor. This Contact Information will be deleted within 5 years after the Study ends.
  • Contact Information of the Child: Name, last name.
  • Demographic Data of the parent or guardian and the Child: Year and month of birth, state of residence, gender, language, family’s ancestry (ethnicity), skin color, height, weight, and use of a mobility aid or walking support required. This information, and any additional information you may provide during interactions with us via email or otherwise, may also be documented. Your Demographic Data will be deleted within 5 years after the Study ends. Aggregated Demographic Data may be retained as long as necessary for the purposes described in this Informed Parental Consent. 
  • Research Data of the parent or guardian and the Child: Data obtained as a result of the Study activities will be stored in our Customer´s database and deleted according to their retention periods.Our Customer is the data controller with regard to the Research Data 

TELUS International AI Inc. domiciled at 2251 S Decatur Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89102, is the Controller of the Contact Information and Demographic Data that we collect about you (as described more fully in our Community Data Privacy Notice).



TIAI may share your personal data as follows:

  • Our Service Providers: we share your banking/payment information with service providers that assist us in compensating you for participating in the Project.
  • Our Customer: we share all of the Study Data that we collect through this Study, with the exception of financial information, with our Customer, which is a company in the Technology Industry that provides web services for the purpose of this Study. Our Customer will use the Study Data for its own research purposes and as described in its privacy notice. 

For purposes set forth in any other notice provided to you and as set forth in our Community Data Privacy Notice.

Your Consent to TransferWe may transfer your Study Data to a third country that does not have the same level of data protection as your home country. Please see our Community Data Privacy Notice for additional information. Regardless of the country where your Study Data is used and maintained by us, our affiliates, and its contracted third parties, it will be used and maintained only for the purposes described in this Informed Parental Consent and it will be protected as described. If you do not want to permit your Study Data to be transferred internationally, you should not sign this Informed Parental Consent. However, you must sign this Informed Parental Consent to participate in the Study. 



TIAI’s Use of Your Study Data: TIAI will use your Study Data for the following purposes:

  • Guardian Data: 
    • Administrative Purposes: to contact you and, where applicable, to compensate you for your participation in the Project or the participation of your Child, in accordance with applicable law;
    • Research Purposes:  to determine eligibility to participate in the study;
    • Our Own Marketing Purposes:  where permitted by applicable law, if we believe that you may be interested in participating in additional research studies;
    • Contractual Purposes:  to fulfill our contractual obligation with our customer that has commissioned the Project;
    • Legal Purposes:  to protect our rights and interests, your rights and interest, and the rights and interests of our customers; and 
    • Other Purposes: As permitted by applicable law and as detailed in our Community Data Privacy Notice
  • Minor Participant Data: 
    • Research Purposes:  to determine eligibility to participate in the study
    • Contractual Purposes:  to fulfill our contractual obligation with our customer that has commissioned the Project
    • Legal Purposes:  to protect our rights and interests, your rights and interest, and the rights and interests of our customers, and 
    • Other Purposes: As permitted by applicable law and as detailed in our Community Data Privacy Notice


Data Subject Rights:  In certain countries, you may exercise certain rights with regard to your personal data. Please see our Community Data Privacy Notice for information about your rights. You may contact us at any time to request deletion of your personal information associated with your Study Data. In some circumstances, deletion of your personal information may not be feasible (for instance, if your Study Data has been de-linked from your Contact Information). However, reasonable efforts will be made to delete identifiable data within a reasonable amount of time of your request. You can also withdraw your consent at any time.

To exercise your rights please contact us at



If you withdraw or are removed from the Study, Study Data collected prior to your withdrawal may continue to be used and maintained as in this Consent, unless you request that it be deleted, in which case it will be deleted where feasible as stated above in “What Data Rights Do I Have” section.


By signing this Consent, I acknowledge and agree:


Parent affirmation and consent for minor data collection: I affirm that I am the parent or legal guardian of the Child or Minor Participant, and that I am authorized to act on behalf of the Child or Minor Participant. I give consent for the Child or Minor Participant to participate in this Project. I further consent to TELUS International AI’s collection, use, and disclosure of Minor Participant’s personal data as described in this Project Description.

If this is an electronic consent, I understand that by clicking accept or typing my name and the date below I am providing my consent electronically and that it has the same force and effect as if I was signing in person on paper. 

Please carefully review and execute the following Contributor Services Agreement and Releases(s).

Person Conducting Consent's Signature *


For this research study, we will capture a broad cross-section of participants targeting various combinations of demographics, with the goal of ensuring that our customer's services, and derived products, are equally representing a diverse set of end-users. It is vital that your information is correct, as incorrect information may result in cancelation of your scheduled appointment.

Thank you for your participation and for helping us create bias-free technology that works for everyone.


Fluent Written Languages *
Fluent Spoken Languages *
Which ethnicity does the minor identify with? *

What is the minor's skin tone (before sun exposure)?

Please select one of the options below, drawn from the dermatologically recognized Fitzpatrick phototyping scale:

Does the minor normally use a mobility aid or walking support (e.g.: wheelchair, crutches, etc.) ? *
What kind of mobility aid/walking support does the minor normally use? *


What day(s) would be more convenient for the minor to participate in the study? *


Participants will perform basic physical activities on a set (similar to those of TV shows) and sometimes will be asked to wear additional accessories items and props, provided by our customer. These activities will be video recorded for research purposes.
By answering the questions below, we will better understand if you will feel comfortable participating in this study.
For this study, is the minor comfortable performing basic physical activities such as, walking, sitting down, standing up, etc.? *
For this study, is the minor comfortable with wearing additional accessories such as glasses, jewelry or hats? *
For this study, does the minor agree to be video-recorded? *


We will soon start a new project for pets!
Please, answer the questions below to let us know if you are interested in participating with your pets.

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We offer a referral bonus of $10 for each participant that you bring into the project who successfully completes the research study.
To be eligible for the bonus, first, the participant(s) that you refer have to select "I was referred by someone" in the above question and after fill in your complete name and email address (exactly as you filled in this form) in the fields "Name of the person who informed you about this opportunity" and "E-mail of the person who informed you about this opportunity".

Please note referral bonuses are not paid for close family members that belong to the same household.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The referral payment will only be executed via Bank Transfer and not via  Gift cards.
I'm interested in helping TELUS International find more participants like me *
- We ask that you give us at least 48 hours notice if you need to cancel an appointment. A cancellation is considered late when the appointment is canceled less than 48 hours before the appointed time. A no-show is when a participant misses an appointment without canceling. The first time a participant misses an appointment, we will make a note in your registration. Two or more missed appointments may result in a removal from our participation list.

- Please note, although we do our best to avoid canceling sessions, unforeseen circumstances such as equipment malfunctions and staffing changes may result in last minute cancellations. Participants are not guaranteed payment for any canceled sessions.


Please confirm the four items below to successfully submit your registration.

- I confirm that I will NOT disclose, discuss, distribute or share with anyone any of the documentation, training materials, or other project documents received from TELUS International, nor I will disclose information about TELUS International`s clients and their names.

- I confirm that I provide TELUS International the right to use the data that I will submit for technology and research purposes. 

- I confirm that I understand that I'm personally responsible for declaring the amount of the compensation received for the task according to the tax regulations of my country/region/state and that I’m legally entitled to perform work

- I confirm that all information supplied above is correct and accurate.

- I understand and accept that TELUS International has the right to suspend or stop the project at any point during my collaboration.

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