Online Mystery Shopper

Thank you for your interest in our Online Mystery Shopping project!

TELUS International AI is building a community of trusted Online Mystery Shoppers who will evaluate shopping from online ads to help us improve online purchasing experience for all internet users. As a mystery shopper, depending on the project task you will be assigned to, you will be asked to purchase either different products or different smartphone apps based on ads you see on the net and fill in 2 questionnaires providing detailed feedback about the entire purchasing experience as compared to your expectations set by the ad. In this project you will be required to work 5-10 hours per month.

This is a continuous work opportunity with a self-directed schedule, the ability to work from home and to keep the items/apps you will buy in the project.

The purchases will be made by Mystery Shoppers with their own private credit or debit card or PayPal and be reimbursed for the costs by TELUS International.


• An opportunity to shop for new and exciting products/apps online, share the experience and keep your purchases.
• Work from home with self-directed schedule.
• A continuous project with required participation of 5-10 h/month with compensation per hour.

Mandatory Requirements:

• 18+ years of age
• Fluency in English and the language of your country of residence
• Active user of social media
• Not currently working as a Mystery Shopper
• Computer/Laptop with a secured high-speed Internet connection
• Smartphone (iOS/Android) with at least 2GB free space.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please complete this registration form. We will review your registration and get back to you if you will be selected for this task. Please note that your registration will not be admitted until you click the "SUBMIT" button at the end of this form.

Thank you in advance, we are looking forward to working with you!

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