Thank you for your interest in our Video Research Study - Pet Edition! 

The aim of this study is to improve movement recognition via artificial intelligence technologies.

Pets will be video recorded  with you while performing basic movements such as walking, sitting, standing up, etc.
Please note all pets MUST have current rabies vaccinations.

Pets (Cats & Dogs)
1 h: $65
To submit the registration for a pet please complete this form.
Note that all pets must be registered by their legal owner.
All legal owners also need to submit their registration and participate together with their pet in our project.


Selected participants will be contacted regarding the next steps.

If you have any questions or would like to know more details about this project, don't hesitate to contact us at

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Without your registration and participation, your pet won't be eligible for our project. 

Please proceed with registering yourself first.
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Payment for completing this study will be processed through Hyperwallet which requires a Tax Identification Number.
Payments are sent within 4 weeks after the task is confirmed to be completed. 
Do you or does any member of your immediate family work, or have worked in the past, for any of the below companies? *


For this research study, we will capture a broad cross-section of participants targeting various combinations of demographics, with the goal of ensuring that our customer's services, and derived products, are equally representing a diverse set of end-users. It is vital that your information is correct, as incorrect information may result in cancelation of your scheduled appointment.

Thank you for your participation and for helping us create bias-free technology that works for everyone.
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Please confirm the four items below to successfully submit your registration.

- I confirm that my pet has received the rabies vaccination per Washington State rule, WAC 246-100-197 and can provide the medical certificate, if required to do so.

- I confirm that I will NOT disclose, discuss, distribute or share with anyone any of the documentation, training materials, or other project documents received from TELUS International, nor I will disclose information about TELUS International’s clients and their names.

- I confirm that I provide TELUS International the right to use the data that I will submit for technology and research purposes. 

- I confirm that I understand that I'm personally responsible for declaring the amount of the compensation received for the task according to the tax regulations of my country/region/state and that I’m legally entitled to perform work

- I confirm that all information supplied above is correct and accurate.

- I understand and accept that TELUS International has the right to suspend or stop the project at any point during my collaboration.

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