Thank you for considering adopting a pet from Kindness Ranch!
Please fill out this adoption application in its entirety and answer each question honestly. This will better assist us in helping you select a compatible dog, cat, horse or other barn yard animal. 
Please keep in mind that it is extremely important to us that we make good matches.  Submitting an application on a specific animal does not guarantee that you are first in line or that you will be approved for that animal. 
To see all of our available animals, visit our website at
If you have questions about any of our animals or the adoption process, please email our Companion Animal Manager at or call 307-331-0445.
Please allow 2-3 business days for application processing.
In order for your adoption application to be considered you must:
- Be able to provide a current veterinary reference for any animals residing in your home;
- Have dogs and cats in the home current on rabies vaccinations per local ordinance;
- Have the knowledge and consent of your landlord if you rent your home;
- Agree to a home visit, if deemed necessary, or be able to provide photos of your residence;
- Be willing to make a trip to meet the animals before adopting, whether to the ranch or an off-site adoption location;
- Be willing to pay the applicable adoption fee
If not, what kind of animal are you interested in adopting? (Check all that apply)
Why do you want this animal? (Check all that apply) *
Please answer all of the following questions, put N/A if it is not applicable. 
2. Please list all animals currently in the home and any animals the new pet would need to get along with.

Include Name, Species/Breed, Age, Sex, Length Owned and/or the anticipated interaction.

Please list one animal per line.  You can click the '+' to add more lines. *
Please give us some information about your home environment:
4. Residence type: *
5. Do you: *
6. Yard/Outside Area: *
7. What is the usual noise/activity level in your home? *
9. Where will the animal spend time when you are not home? (Check all that apply) *

If you are applying for a dog please answer the questions below:

17. How do you plan to exercise the dog? (Check all that apply)
20. When it comes to training and obedience, our household is:

If you are applying for a horse please answer the questions below

all adopters please answer questions below:

If my adoption application is approved, I agree to the following:
I will sign an adoption agreement between myself and Kindness Ranch;
I will have the head of household's approval for the adoption;
I am able and willing to provide appropriate shelter, food, vet care (both routine and emergency), exercise, training, and identification for this animal;
I will heed the advice given to me by Kindness Ranch staff regarding the care, training, socialization, and management of this animal;
I will be knowledgeable of and comply with all pet animal laws and housing rules (landlord / homeowner / condo association);
I will not declaw or debark this animal;
I will consult with and/or return the animal to Kindness Ranch if I can no longer care for him/her.
I confirm that the information on this application is true and correct. If I am approved to adopt an animal, I agree to all of the above requirements. 
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