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Shrimp Bycatch Study

To view and print program guidelines click Shrimp Bycatch Study Guidelines.

Applicants have until December 31, 2019 to submit completed applications to be considered for participation in this program.


This study is intended to characterize the bycatch of the Louisiana commercial shrimp fishery. Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) has partnered with LGL Limited, who’s biological staff will act as observers on compensated commercial shrimping vessels to document incidental catch of all non-target species as well as shrimp landings.


All commercial shrimp fishers operating out of Louisiana ports are eligible to participate in this study. An online portal and mail out will be created for those commercial fishermen willing to participate to sign up. Commercial fishers randomly drawn from this group will be compensated $350 per day for each fishing trip where bycatch is observed by an onboard LGL biologist.

Participating commercial fishers will have to agree to a set work schedule with LGL. Trips conducted will not exceed 48 hours.

Vessels will be drawn from the pool of available vessels based on established criteria for sampling (see Methodology). A routine background check will be conducted on all vessels/captains chosen to participate in this study.


Applicants must possess a properly registered Louisiana licensed shrimp vessel.

Applicants must possess a valid Louisiana Resident Commercial Vessel License.

If business is owned by a limited liability company, corporation, or partnership, business must register and remain in Good Standing with Secretary of State. 

If applying for multiple vessels, a separate application must be filled out for each vessel.  Only one application can be submitted per LDWF licensed vessel.

If the vessel is owned by a business, copies of documentation proving ownership in the business may be required.

Applications will be processed in the order in which they are received. This program is subject to the availability of funding and there is no guarantee that an applicant will qualify or that funding will be available.


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