IPitomy VoIP Bandwidth Qualification Test

Let's check VoIP pulse!
For optimum VoIP performance, quality Internet bandwidth is a necessity. Unfortunately most businesses do not really know how well their Internet is performing. Packet loss, Jitter, and Latency can cause call quality issues while going largely undetected with normal day to day internet traffic. IPitomy's impartial third party VoIP testing allows you to test the VoIP readiness of your Internet before you deploy your VoIP communications solution.
You will recieve an emailed report giving you an extended VoIP test on your Internet connection over a 48 hour period. In addition to testing for packet loss, jitter and latency, we will also provide a MOS rating, which is a VoIP call quality rating, 5 being the highest and 1 the lowest. This will tell you if you are receiving the quality Internet you are paying for. If there are issues, it presents the information needed to get your ISP to correct any problems. This test is not a burstable speed test found on many free websites. Our test actually tests your Internet for a reliable streaming connection for a solid 48 hours and specifically how well it will handle VoIP traffic from several servers around the country. 
Testing is easily done and is transparent to your business operations. All you have to do is enable ICMP on your router or Internet modem and we will run a 48 hour test on your Internet connection. If you decide to sign up for any IPitomy VoIP service , including our SIP trunking or Cloud service, we will credit your account in full for the testing amount on your first monthly bill. You can choose from two testing packages below. 
Pre-test package $25.00: You get one 48 hour pre-test and the test results will be emailed to you.
Optimization testing package $50.00: (Best Value!) You will get a 48 hour pre-test as well as 2 more tests which can be used at any time in the future. This will allow you to follow up with issues that may be found either after the initial pre-test or at some point in the future should a suspected Internet issue arise.

VoIP Qualification Testing Package *
*Please make sure the customer's router is set to allow ICMP*
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