DIRFloortime® Advanced Placement Application

Professionals with Floortime related training from a university or an approved organization may be eligible for advanced placement into the DIRFloortime® Professional Certificate Training Program. 
In particular, professionals that have completed IECD courses at Fielding Graduate University, earned a PLAY Consultant certificate from PLAY Project or have a DIR-FCD certificate from the Profectum Foundation, may have the opportunity to advance place into the official DIRFloortime® Professional Certificate Program as follows:
Fielding Graduate University: ICDL has an agreement with Fielding Graduate University  through its School of Psychology/Infant and Early Childhood Development Program (IECD). Students who completed IECD 580, IECD 601 and IECD 602 courses with a grade of “B” or better may advance into the DIRFloortime® Training Program DIR 203 course and may be issued an ICDL's Certificate of Proficiency. 
Profectum Foundation: ICDL and Profectum have a structured agreement on cross-recognition of our training programs. Profectum-trained professionals are not issued ICDL DIRFloortime® certificates. However, those with at least a Bachelor's degree that have earned a Profectum DIR-FCD CL1 certificate or higher may advance into the DIRFloortime® Training Program DIR 203 course. 
PLAY Project: ICDL and PLAY Project have a structured agreement on cross-recognition of our training programs. Professionals that complete the PLAY Project training to become a PLAY Consultant may be issued a DIRFloortime® Basic Certificate and may enter the DIRFloortime® Training Program with advanced placement into DIR 202.
Others: If you have specific DIR training with a case review practicum component, you have earned a degree or certificate that is DIR based with very specific DIR coursework, or you have a certificate from an organization like the Greenspan Floortime Approach, you may also be eligible for advanced placement. However, please keep in mind that there is no guarantee your application will be approved and the application fee is non-refundable. 
$75 USD non-refundable application fee

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