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This page is to process donations to ICDL.  Please fill in all required fields and ensure you compelte the payment process fully.  Thank you very much for your support! 
You have a few options for your donation.  You can select to have your donation be a general donation to advance the mission of ICDL, or you can have it targeted for a specific purpose. 

To select to sponsor a needy family to receive a 3-month DIR® Home Program package at no cost, you must donate $1,000 per family.  If you sponsor a family and want to receive updates from the family, you can let us know and we'll share this with the family you are sponsoring.  If they want, they will then be able to reach out to you directly to thank you.  If you select this donation option, you will be asked whether you want to have contact or not.  Either way is fine.
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Thank you for sponsoring a family!  Your donation will make a direct impact on a family and their child(ren).  We do not require that families that receive a sponsorship contact their sponsor (you!), but if you consent for them to contact you and they also want to, it can be a nice connection.  This not only can be a good way for the family to show their appreciation, it can also lead to the expansion of a supportive network for the family.  But, itis up to you.  If you consent, we will share your name and email address with the family you sponsor. 
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