DIR 210: Individual DIRFloortime® Mentoring for Professionals and Paraprofessionals

Mentoring is an important part of the DIRFloortime learning journey.  Whether you just want to expand your Floortime competency, engage in a self-reflective learning process, and/or have been recommended for mentoring following a DIRFloortime┬« professional certificate course like DIR 201, 202, or 203, the ICDL DIR Institute experts are here to help.
Mentoring is $60 per 45-minute session and new registrants must register for a minimum package of six (6) sessions.
Mentoring is not supervision.  Mentoring is a learning process to expand your DIRFloortime competencies.  ICDL does not provide supervision in any way through this process. 
This mentoring is only for professionals that have at least completed DIR 201.  All registrants must either have at least a Basic DIRFloortime certificate or been given an incomplete for DIR 201.  The mentoring is also for professionals with a higher DIRFloortime certificate and/or those that have received an incomplete in a higher level course.

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Reason for Mentoring

Are you enrolling in mentoring as part of the Fast Track Advanced Certificate option?  If you are not familiar with the Fast Track option, your answer would be "no".  If you want information on the Fast Track option can be found by clicking here*
Were you referred to mentoring by a Training Leader as part of your requirement to complete a DIRFloortime Professional Certificate? *

Registration Information

Individuals registering for the first time, must register for a minimum of a six (6) session package.
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Additional Individual Sessions - This option is only available for those already currently engaged in mentoring and wish to add additional sessions to their package. *
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