DIR 204 Degree Waiver Request

The prerequisites for DIR 204 enrollment includes, “Participants must have the equivalent of a Master's level university/college degree in occupational therapy, speech therapy, education, psychology, social work, counseling, nursing, marriage and family therapy, medicine, music therapy, or physical therapy.” This requirement exists to ensure that the professionals representing DIR as an Expert have the depth of knowledge in their field of expertise that is necessary to serve as a DIR Expert.  However, we are fully aware that professionals with a Bachelor’s degree with additional training and education as well as experience, may be able to effectively serve as an expert.  We also are aware that in some regions of the world the standard level of education for a given profession is a Bachelor’s degree and not a Master’s or Doctorate degree.  Therefore, ICDL will consider waiving the Maser’s degree requirement when a professional meets the following qualifications:

  1. Earned a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent (in a related field) at least 7 years ago
  2. Possesses at least 7 years of relevant professional experience after earning a Bachelor’s degree
  3. Posses a post-degree certificate or additional continuing education beyond the Bachelor’s degree and in addition to DIRFloortime certificates that supports being a DIR Expert.

Important Notes:

1.  If the standard level of education to practice in your profession in the state, province, region, or country you live is a Master’s or Doctorate degree, a waiver of the degree requirement to enter into DIR 204 will not be granted.  For example, in most places in the United States to be a practicing psychologist or clinical counselor, a professional must have at least a Master’s degree.  In this case, a person with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology working in the United States would not be eligible for a waiver of the degree requirement to enter into DIR 204. 

2. Successfully completing DIR 204 results in earning a DIR Expert certificate. Once a person has earned their expert certificate, they are eligible to contract with ICDL to teach DIRFloortime courses. It is important to note that individuals without an advanced degree may have less opportunities for teaching. Many participants want to have an instructor with an advanced degree and some of our continuing education credentialing organizations require an advanced degree. If you earn your DIR Expert certificate you may get many opportunities to teach, but we also want to be transparent that there are more limitations when a training leader does not have an advanced degree.

3.  ICDL works to make our assessment process in the DIRFloortime professional certificate program as objective, measurable, and clear as possible.  In the same way, we want this waiver process to be based on clear criteria.  However, there is a review process that is necessary for this waiver process that will look at the applicant's overall professional experience and competency.  For example, if an applicant meets all of the core requirements for a waiver and possess a post graduate certificate from a university, has 20 years of experience, obtained a 95% or higher ratings in the assessments during each of their DIRFloortime training courses, and they have been practicing for a year after earning their DIR Advanced Certificate, their application for a waiver will certainly be approved.  But, if an applicant meets all of the core requirements but just finished DIR 203 a month prior with an 80% and recommendations to engage in professional mentoring to improve their DIR competency, only has 8 years of experience, and has minimal post-degree training, the application may not be approved or recommendations for obtaining a waiver in the future may be provided.   We will be very clear in our review response about the criteria that needs to be met if a waiver is not granted. 

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