DIR 203: Coaching Caregivers, Teachers, and Other Providers to Support Functional Emotional Developmental Capacities
The Advanced DIRFloortime® Certificate Course

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September 10 - December 10, 2024
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM | 19:00 - 21:00
United States Eastern Time Zone
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Professionals: $875 USD
Review Students: $435 USD
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Open to All Registrants Worldwide
This Course is Instructed in: English

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Course Prerequisite Requirement

To register for DIR 203 you are required to have successfully completed DIR 202 and have been awarded a DIRFloortime Certificate of Proficiency. If your certificate is still being processed at the time of registration for this 203 class, you may still register as long as you have received your final feedback and passed DIR 202. 
Have you earned your DIRFloortime┬« Certificate of Proficiency or at least received your final feedback in DIR 202 indicating you will receive your certificate? *
Participants must have earned at least a Bachelor's degree from a university or college in occupational therapy, speech therapy, education, psychology, social work, counseling, nursing, marriage and family therapy, medicine, music therapy, or physical therapy. If you have a degree in a related field and want to see if it can be considered, please email Training@icdl.com.  Degrees in Criminal Justice or Applied Behavioral Analysis do not qualify. 
Do you have a qualifying Bachelor's degree? *
What field is your Bachelor's degree? *
You do not meet the prerequisite requirements for this course.  Please leave do not complete registration. If you have an questions please email Training@icdl.com.
Your Bachelor's degree may not qualify.  Please do not continue regisering at this time.  Please email training@icdl.com to inquire as to whether our degree would be considered a "related" degree.