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DIR 203: Coaching Caregivers, Teachers, and Other Providers to Support Functional Emotional Developmental Capacities
The Advanced DIRFloortime® Certificate Course

Course Details and Schedule

21:00 - 23:00 Italy Time
September 12 - December 12, 2022

This course is Live Online!

Please visit this page to view available CE credits for this course

 Open to registrants worldwide.
If you are not in the Italian Time Zone, please make sure to confirm class time in your time zone using a time converter BEFORE registering. This is a 14-week long course. Please note that some countries observe Daylight saving while others don't.
The course will be taught in Italian.
Professionals: $799
Professionals Review (Retaking course): $399
Audit Student: $399


Course Prerequisite Requirement

To register for DIR 203 you are required to have successfully completed DIR 202 and have been awarded a DIRFloortime Certificate of Proficiency.  The DIRFloortime Certificate of Proficiency must be issued prior to registering for this course.  In addition, participants must have earned at least a Bachelor's degree from a university or college in occupational therapy, speech and language pathology, physical therapy, education, psychology, social work, counseling, art therapy, music therapy, or another related field. 

Participant Information

Are you a licensed Social Worker in the state of New York? *

Course Registration Information

Registration Options

There are 3 types of registrations:

  1. Advanced Certificate Course for Professionals (most common option)
  2. Advanced Certificate for Professionals Review Course (for those taking the DIR 203 course a second time
ICDL accepts payments by credit card, PayPal, or company purchase orders.  For the Advanced Certificate Course for Professionals option paid by credit card or PayPal payments, you can pay in full or pay in 2 installments (installment payments require an additional $25 processing fee).  For the Audit and Review Student options, an installment payment plan is not available.  For company purchase orders, you cannot use the installment payment option and payment must be made by check in full. (Non-US companies may send payment via bank wire.) * 🛈
Installment Plan Processing Fee: *