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Spurgeon's College is an approved partner of The University of Manchester and is a collaborative centre of the University of Wales. A member college of the Baptist Union, a member of the Evangelical Alliance and a member of the Micah Network.  Registered Charity number 1096721 and a Company Limited by Guarantee number 4418151 registered in England.

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We welcome students with disabilities and will try to meet the needs wherever possible. The more information provided enables the College to make the relevant assessments.
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Disability/special needs
To help the College in its preparations, please provide further details in the box below regarding additional facilities or support you may require as a result of your disability or special needs. This might include adapted accommodation, extra equipment, readers or interpreters or extra time to complete your course. If you do not know what facilities or support you will require please contact the Disability Officer, Dotha Blackwood (d.blackwood@spurgeons.ac.uk). All information will be held in confidence and shared on a need to know basis.

You may be eligible for extra financial support or help with care. For more information contact Student Finance England if you live in England, Student Finance Wales if you live in Wales, SAAS if you live in Scotland, and Student Finance NI if you live in Northern Ireland.


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Did you/will you receive any qualifications at this centre?

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The personal statement supports your application and gives you the opportunity to articulate why you are applying for this course and to describe your ambitions, skills and experience.
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