Learning Support Department

Learning Support Feedback Form

The purpose of the form is to review service provided by the Learning Support Department.

3. Please indicate your learning need or disability (choose all that apply) *
4. What type of support have you accessed? (choose all that apply) *
5. Please indicate the extent to which you agree with these statements: The support I received
 TotallyPartlyNot at all
Was useful and practical
Was accessible and clear
Was encouraging and motivating
6. If you accessed Learning Support Moodle resources, please indicate the extend to which you agree with these statements: Learning Support Moodle Resources:
 TotallyPartlyNot at all
Are easy to navigate and find information
Are easy to understand
Offer useful information
7. How satisfied are you with the learning support that you have received? *
9. Please indicate if you have accessed any special events organised by the Learning Support Department (including activities, information resources or Moodle content) and if you have found them useful? (choose all that apply)
 Accessed the eventThe event increased my knowledge and understanding of the issue
Disability Awareness Week
Language Awareness Week
Mental Health Awareness Week
10. We may want to use your feedback for Spurgeon’s College publicity. Any feedback that we use will be anonymised, we will not include your name. Will you allow us to use your feedback for publicity? *

Data Protection and Privacy Notice

The information that you have submitted on this form will only be used for the specific stated purpose, as outlined in the privacy notice. A copy of our privacy notices can be found on our website.
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