What do you think of our plans?

I feel the updated proposals are more considerate to parking, massing and woodland protection. *
Do you support local community group access to the College's woodland areas? *
The new development should support the College's aims to widen its educational offer and support the local community. *
The new development should pay for its own infrastructure. *
The new development should be of a high quality design. *
The new development should be sustainable, and protect and enhance local wildlife and ecology. *
It is important for the new development to be located close to local shops, amenities and transport links. *
The new development should provide additional community benefits and increased managed public access to the College. *
The new development should include homes for young people and local families *
The homes should provide differentiated sizes from the predominant local housing stock that exists in the immediate vicinity. *
Sustainability should be a key priority for the new development. *
The new development should support local businesses and the local economy *
Do you like the design of the new development? *
Are you aware of what the College is/does? *
Are you aware of the courses the College currently offers or will be offering? *
Is the local home grown university a positive for the borough and its residents? *
What alternative uses would you consider appropriate for the site?
Keep up to date
Would you like to be kept up to date with progress on the proposals for the development of replacement and new educational facilities, and residential accommodation, on Spurgeon’s College campus? 
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