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Postgraduate Programmes Questionnaire

Excludes research degrees such as MPhil, DMin and PhD, or the MMin (Professional Ministerial Practice).

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1. Would you be interested in studying a Master’s programme (MA or MTh) at Spurgeon’s College? *
2. What would be your motivation for studying a Master’s programme (MA or MTh)? *
3. Do you have an undergraduate or higher degree in Theology? *
4. What is your preferred lecture delivery format? *
5. Would you be interested in the following? Please tick as many options as you like. *
6. Have you ever worked on a VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) platform such as Moodle or Blackboard? *
7. From the list below, please select the subjects that you are interested in. Please tick as many options as you like. *
8. Would you be interested in an integrated programme? For example - Theology with Sociology, Theology with Media and Communication etc.? *
9. What would be your main source of funding for your Postgraduate studies? *

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