Dog & Puppy Adoption/Foster Application

Ozone Park, NY

Our goal is to place our homeless rescues in permanent loving homes, as their former owners have already abandoned them at least once before. As we strive to place the appropriate pet in the right home, this application helps us to learn more about you, your home and your level of experience, if any, with dogs and cats. ALL OUR RESCUES ARE SPAYED/NEUTERED PRIOR TO ADOPTION.

Is this application to: *
Have you previously adopted from a rescue organization? *
Is this pet a gift? *


Vet Reference
(If you have used more than one vet or plan on using a different vet, add to comments section at the end)
Do you currently have a vet? *
Have you selected a vet? *

Two Personal References (coworker, neighbor, friend, etc (as long as not related)). 
Reference 1
Reference 2


(Please list place of employment for yourself (and your spouse if applicable).  We do not call employers – this is simply for our records, if necessary, N/A can be put)

Household Information

Do you *
Do you live in a: *
Landlord Information

Are there any pet restrictions in your building? *
Is everyone in the household aware/in agreement of fostering or adopting? *
Does anyone in your household have pet allergies or asthma? *
Are there any other individuals living in your home? *
Are there any other pets that live in the home or that visit the home frequently? *
Are all dogs/cats in the home currently spayed/neutered? *
Are all dogs/cats in the home currently vetted and up to date on vaccinations and other vetting (heart worm preventative, flea and tick treatment, etc)? *
Where are current pets primarily kept (where do they sleep, eat and spend most time)? *
Have you ever rehomed, given up or surrendered any animal to the shelter? *

Care Of The Dog

Do you have a fenced in yard? *
Are there any regular visitors (people or animals) to your home that the dog would have to get along with? *
Will the dog be allowed on the furniture? *
Do you plan to rough house with the dog (play rough)? *
Are you familiar with positive methods of training (no hitting)? *
Are you planning on using positive methods of training? *
If we know of a trainer in your area would you like a recommendation? *
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