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This form is meant for custom robotic solutions. SuperDroid Robots offers a variety of configurable robotic platforms and kits. We recommend reviewing our inventory of robot kits before filling out this form.
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Use the below section to provide detailed information about the design and purpose of your robot. Make sure to include the following details:
Movement system (tracked, wheeled, omnidirectional, etc) - How should this robot move through its environment?
Operating Environment (indoor, outdoor, both) - Where will this robot be operating? Will it be operating on flat surfaces or inclines? Gravel, sand, concrete?
Control method (RC, WiFi, Autonomous, etc.) - How will this robot be controlled? Will it need to be autonomous? 
Camera system (PTZ, 360°, Infrared, etc) - Does the robot need a camera system? What kind of cameras are needed?
Speed Requirements (MPH if possible) - How fast does the robot need to travel? Does it need to move slowly, or at a set rate?
Expected Runtime - How long does this robot need to operate per charge?
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Use this section to provide additional information about your custom request. Our engineers may need to ask further details after reviewing the form.
Is there a payload capacity requirement (additional equipment/components to be attached/carried)? *
How much additional weight does the robot need to handle? *
Are these measurements Flexible Guidelines or Fixed Requirements? *
Is this an autonomous robot? *
Does your robot need to be waterproof/weather resistant? *

Budget and Timeline

The following information helps our engineers determine the best solution for creating your robot. Please provide accurate information so we can properly address your request!
What is your potential budget for this project? (Cost is in $USD) *

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