Gaithersburg Police Department

The Gaithersburg Police Department would like to extend to you our appreciation for taking the time to provide us with possible supporting documentation that could help us in identifying those individuals involved.  

With the increasing prevalence of photos and video recordings being captured on mobile devices and surveillance systems, the Gaithersburg Police Department has partnered with Axon Citizen, a public safety portal that allows community members to securely submit digital records directly to law enforcement agencies.

The submission of any videos or photographs will not be recognized as reporting a crime to the police. Remember, to report a crime you must call either 911 (emergency) or 301-279-8000 (non-emergency).

By submitting the digital record, you are certifying that it is a true and correct copy of the original digital record, which was made at, or near the time of the occurrence and that, you are the original owner of the videos/photographs. You also certify that the submitted digital record was kept in the course of regularly conducted activity or business, and is part of your regular practice to keep such records.


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