City of Gaithersburg
July 2018 through June 2019

General Information

The Gaithersburg Cultural Arts Advisory Committee (GCAAC) seeks to promote artistic expression and creative excellence from artists of all media.  It is with this dedication that the GCAAC invites artists and art organizations to submit applications and proposals for exhibitions to be displayed in the City of Gaithersburg galleries.  Two-dimensional (wall hung) works in all media, styles and techniques are acceptable.  A small number of three-dimensional works can be displayed at the Arts Barn only.
You may choose one or more of the 2018-2019 exhibitions listed below, as long as the submitted artwork adheres to the exhibit theme.  
The application fee for one exhibit is $25, and $35 for two or more.  Application fees are non-refundable.
After you have submitted the application, please send up to 3 images (per exhibit), artist bio, and artist statement to Images must be in .jpg format.  It is recommended that images be no less than 96 dpi, but no greater than 300 dpi.  A size of approximately 1024x768 pixels is recommended. Be sure to label each image file with the following: Exhibit Title_Artist name_Title_ Media (for example; Musicalia_Jane Doe_Daffodils in the Wind_Oil)Any emails received in which images are not appropriately labeled, will be returned and the application will be considered incomplete.
All applications and payments must be received by 11:30pm, Friday, January 19, 2018 
All applicants will be notified by Monday, March 5, 2018 of submission results.

Big, Bold and Beautiful 

Summer 2018

Gallery: The Activity Center at Bohrer Park

Curators: Mary Waldhorn and Andi Rosati

Looks for artwork that is “Big, Bold and Beautiful” in line, shape, color, form, or design. Pieces must be 30x40 or larger and not weigh over 50 lbs. The Activity Center at Bohrer Park with its spacious walls lends itself well to displaying larger works of art. 


Emerging Artists

Winter 2018-2019

Gallery: The Activity Center at Bohrer Park

Juror: TBD

If you are between the ages of 16 and 30, you are invited to be in an “Emerging Artists” exhibit at the Activity Center at Bohrer Park. Exhibiting 2-dimensional art done in any medium. Jurors to be announced.


Interior Spaces

Winter 2018-2019

Gallery: Arts Barn

Curator: Mary Weiss-Waldhorn

What do “Interior Spaces” mean to you? Is it a glimpse down an alleyway, a beautiful/or not interior space, a private thought or moment, an adventure down a rabbit hole or a look into the hollow of a tree? Let this theme inspire you.


Black and White

Winter 2018

Gallery: Arts Barn

Juror: Jaree Donnelly

Exhibting drawings, paintings, photographs and sculpture in black, white or a combination of both. Jaree Donnelly is an artist-in-residence at the Arts Barn. She specializes in photography, painting and jewelry making.


Mixed Media

Fall 2018

Gallery: Arts Barn and Kentlands Mansion

Curator: Mary Weiss-Waldhorn

With mixed media, many wonderful things can happen. All images must incorporate more than one medium in the composition. This exhibit will be displayed in both the Arts Barn and the Kentlands Mansion. There is room for 80 pieces in this exhibit.



Spring 2019

Gallery: Arts Barn

Curator: Mary Weiss-Waldhorn

What does music mean to you? Art work should be a creative expression of performance, sound, instruments or instrumentation. Work can be representational or abstract. Maybe genre is the key, such as jazz, classical or hip hop. Revel in melody or cacophony! This show will be displayed in conjunction with the annual Young Artist Awards at the Arts Barn.



Spring - Summer 2019

Gallery: Arts Barn

Jurors: Mary Waldhorn and Claire Howard 

Water, our source for life, is a great inspiration for art. How do you interpret this theme? All media is accepted. Claire Howard is an accomplished seascape and water painter who is part of the Countryside Artisans group in Upper Montgomery County, Maryland. Mary Weiss-Waldhorn is the art curator for the City of Gaithersburg.



Unique insights and creativity

High level of technical ability

Adherence to the themes

Professionalism in work and the presentation of work


*The Activity Center at Bohrer Park gallery can accommodate approximately 20-30 pieces per exhibit.

*The Arts Barn gallery is an intimate gallery and can accommodate approximately 35 pieces per exhibit.

*The Kentlands Mansion gallery can accommodate approximately 50 pieces per exhibit.




* All work must be original in design.

* Subject matter must be consistent with a family-friendly environment.  Works exhibited are subject to the approval of the Gallery Coordinator & Arts Administrator.

* Jurors and curators will select the exhibitors for the season.


* All work MUST be framed or prepared for display in a professional manner. All wall displayed art must be suitably prepared to hang from various hanging systems with a taut wire. Canvas staples may not be visible and canvas edges must be cleanly painted, if visible. Mats should be clean. Clip frames, poster frames, and hobby store frames are not accepted. The gallery reserves the right to reject any artwork that is not professionally wired and framed.

* Transportation for delivery and pickup of works of art is the responsibility of the artist(s).

* All work must remain in the gallery for the duration of the exhibit.

* No 2-D work may be heavier than 50 lbs.

* 3-D work should generally be smaller than 20" in any dimension, although consideration will be given to larger sculpture that may be safely displayed on the floor.

* No modifications will be made to the gallery to accomodate installation of artwork.

* Exhibits vary in length of time from 6 to 12 weeks.



Exhibits for which you wish to be considered (you may choose one or more): * 
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Application Attachments

Application Fee
In order for your application to be complete and considered, we must receive a check or money order in the amount of $25 (for one exhibit), or $35 (for two or more exhibits) made payable to "City of Gaithersburg."  You may also pay with a credit card over the phone by calling the Arts Barn at 301-258-6394.  No cash please.  All payments must be received by January 19, 2018.  Please ensure the same name used in the application is also listed on the payment.  For assistance with this application, please call the Arts Barn to schedule and appointment at 301-258-6394
Please mail the payment to:
City of Gaithersburg
Arts Barn
Attention: Gallery Coordinator
311 Kent Square Road
Gaithersburg, MD 20878
Application Fee *