JCC Maccabi Games & ArtsFest
Traveling to San Diego, California
July 31-August 5, 2022
As a reminder, all JCC Maccabi participants must be Jewish.
Athletes must be ages 13-16 as of July 31, 2022.
Gender *
Do you speak any other languages other than English? *
Sport 1st Choice *
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Is the athlete a member of the David Posnack Jewish Community Center? *
Has the teen participated in JCC Maccabi with the David Posnack JCC in the past? *
Please list any other JCC the athlete is a member of or has participated in JCC Maccabi with (if applicable).
Has the teen tried out for another JCC this year? *
understand that the JCC Maccabi Games Fees for the David Posnack JCC are non-refundable.
*Roster spots are limited, therefore refunds will only be given if the DPJCC is over the allotment of athletes asssigned by the JCCA.
There is no guarantee that we will field a full team for your child's sport. There is a possibility that he/she may be on a mixed team if we do not have enough interested athletes for that specific sport. 
Mixed team- An opportunity for those delegations unable to fill the roster minimum for their own team in a certain sport to send some athletes to participate in a team sport with athletes from another delegation to form a mixed team.
Contact 954.434.0499 ext. 317 or browardmaccabi.org for more information.
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Permission for Enrollment and Release of the Jewish Community Centers of South Broward County Inc. from Liability
wishes to participate in Jewish Community Centers of South Broward County, Inc. (the “David Posnack JCC”) activities. I understand that even when every reasonable precaution is taken, accidents may sometimes still happen. Therefore, in exchange for the David Posnack JCC allowing my child to participate in David Posnack JCC activities, I understand and expressly acknowledge that I release the David Posnack JCC, its staff members and affiliates from all liability for any injury loss or damage connected in any way whatsoever to participation in the David Posnack JCC activities whether on or off the David Posnack JCC’s premises. I understand that this release includes any claims based on negligence, action or inaction of the David Posnack JCC, its staff, directors, affiliates, members and guests. I have read and am voluntarily agreeing to this permission for enrollment and release.
Media Release
hereby grant permission, without reservation, to the Jewish Community Centers of South Broward County, Inc. (David Posnack JCC) and those authorized by the David Posnack JCC to take photographic images, videos, recordings, DVDs, CDs of me and/or my child and to use them in original or
modified formats in all media (including but not limited to newspapers, magazines, radio, television, DPJCC website, You Tube, Facebook or other social media, etc.) now or hereafter, with or without my or my child’s name, for the promotion and/or fundraising activities of the David Posnack JCC.
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