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President's Report
(available online only) *
What is the President's Report? *

Presidents Report (available online only)

Keep up with what's happening around FVL by subscribing to the President's Report. New information about upcoming events, students, faculty and staff, and finances is emailed approximately every two to three weeks. Similar information has historically been emailed to congregations once a month.  The publication has been updated and is now available to all who wish to subscribe!

BEACON Quarterly Newsletter
(available online and printed copies are distributed to congregations)
What is the BEACON? *

BEACON (online and printed copies distributed to congregations)

Since the late 1940's, this Quarterly Newsletter has been shared with Federation Congregations. It has been updated and modified several times, but the purpose has remained the same--to share FVL news and inform our Federation members of upcoming events.

Legacy Magazine
(available online and distributed via mailing list) *
What is the Legacy Magazine? *

Legacy Magazine (online and distributed via mailing list)
Alumni and supporters have enjoyed receiving this publication since 2010. It features stories about alumni, and FVL. Our goal is to inform and inspire FVL graduates and supporters with news that touches FVL's teen ministry and the FVL family at large.

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