Building Pass - Student Request Form

Students and parents,

It is understood that a student with a permanent building pass will leave the school building in a reasonable amount of time.  You are not allowed to hang around the halls, lockers, commons, or sit in the locker room.  You may NOT go to the gym or fitness center unless you have a coach or teacher who will directly supervise.  Students are allowed to have a Building Pass during a sports session and come back to campus.

If you are driving yourself, you must purchase a FVL Parking Permit from Front Office before this pass will be valid.

If you have a set 1 pass, you must be on time for set 2.  Failure to do so will result in losing your pass.  If you have a set 2 pass you must be in school and on time for Chapel.  If we have a special schedule day (half-day, etc.) you must be ON TIME!

If a noticeable negative change occurs in your classroom work (grades/assignments). You may have your pass revoked for a period of time.  This will be at the discretion of your teachers, guidance counselor, and Mr. Uhlenbrauck.  If you accumulate too many detentions you may also lose your pass.  Becoming academically ineligible will result in you losing your Building Pass until you become eligible again.

If you have any questions about the building pass, please speak with your Guidance Counselor.


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