2024 Aurora Diggers Online Registration

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Consent & Waiver

The information provided on this form will be protected by the Association, as governed by the “Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act.” This information is collected by the Aurora Diggers Girls Softball Association (ADGSA) only to meet and maintain the highest standard of organizing and programming the sport of softball.  By completing this form I consent to allow electronic exchanges and the use of team/player photographs for promotion purposes.

I give my permission for my daughter to participate as a softball player with the Aurora Diggers Girls Softball Association.  I agree to abide by the Association's Constitution and Operating Rules.

I realize that there is a possibility of risk associated with participating and hereby accept this risk and release ADGSA, and any affiliated organizations, or persons representing them from any responsibility of the injuries that may occur while participating. By providing ADGSA with your personal information on this registration form, you are giving consent to ADGSA to collect and use your personal information. I understand that I may withdraw consent to the collection, use of disclosure of my personal information at any time by contacting ADGSA.  I have read and agree to abide by the Rules, By-laws, and Regulations of the ADGSA and all it's affiliated Associations.  (Refer to our Association website).