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We offer a monthly training course for individuals that would like to become SLED certified. SLED certification is necessary for all persons that wish to pursue a career as a security guard Field in the state of South Carolina. You cannot engage in security, protection or bodyguard work if you do not hold a valid and current SLED certification card and work for a certified and licensed security company.

Platinum Protection Agency, LLC has a SLED certified security instructor to administer each class. You do not have to be a potential employee of Platinum Protection Agency, LLC

To complete a SLED training course through us. 

SLED Level I training 

The SLED level “one training course is an unarmed security guard class” and training program that is necessary to complete to become a registered security guard. The class is 4 hours long and there will be a test that every applicant must complete and pass before the class is complete and a registration from SLED can be given. If you do not pass the test you will be required to re- register and take a whole new course. 

The cost of the unarmed class is $75.00. The cost of an armed class is $100.00 for both $175.00. If you are wanting to upgrade to armed that will be $100.00. You will need $65.00 necessary for SLED registration of paperwork. You must bring valid identification, two sets of completed blue fingerprint cards, 2 passport size

Photos, a signed and notarized SLED application (Contract Security Employee Application) and a

Certified check, cash or money order for the class fee. All fees are non-refundable and due to limited class size all applicants will be required to place a $50.00 non-refundable deposit at the time of registration to hold your spot. 

At the end of the class if you pass the courses written test and practical part you will be given a training form that you can use to work for up to “21 days” until you receive your SLED card. It should take about 4 to 6 weeks for your card to be approved and in your possession. 

Fingerprints can be done for free at the Conway Courthouse or on scheduled days in local police departments for a small fee; call your local Police department if you want to take advantage of this service locally for details.


If you want to register for the SLED class or need more information contact us using the form below

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