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Due to COVID-19, all future workshops will be offered virtually until further notice.



PLEASE NOTE: An Intake Packet will be sent to the email address for the registered attendee via DocuSign that must be completed before receiving a Certificate of Completion.

9 am- 3 pm (CST) 

**Please note that 12/7/24 workshop will begin at 8 am

**  The zoom link & password for the virtual workshop will be sent the WEEK OF the workshop.

Workshops are offered on the 3rd Saturday of each month. Choose the date that best fits your schedule.

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All the information that I provided in this worksheet is correct and factual. No information has been withheld. I understand the understand the necessity for accurate and complete information in obtaining a favorable resolution. I/We will provide any needed information to assist the Housing Counselor. I understand that deliberately providing inaccurate information or an unwillingness to timely provide the Counselor with the necessary information or documents to assist us can result in an adverse outcome. It will also result in closing our file and no further assistance from the Counselor will be provided. * 🛈
The Zoom link needed to access the workshop will be emailed to you the week of the virtual workshop.