Thank you for your interest in renting from Columbia Property Management. The following information details our rental application policies and procedures. This information is provided to help you understand how your application is processed and what is required to rent from us. Please read these policies carefully and contact us at 803-931-0044 if you have any questions about our company or the application process.

Fair Housing: IT IS ILLEGAL TO DISCRIMINATE AGAINST ANY PERSON BECAUSE OF RACE, COLOR, RELIGION, SEX, HANDICAP, FAMILIAL STATUS OR NATIONAL ORIGIN. Columbia Property Management endorses and abides by the Federal Fair Housing Laws. Every applicant will be treated equally. Our decision to accept or deny an application is based ONLY on the following criteria: credit history, rental history, ability to pay, and a search of public records.

Agency Disclosure: Columbia Property Management is a real estate agent paid by the property owner. As a tenant, you are considered a customer of Columbia Property Management. We do not represent you, but you will be treated fairly and honestly throughout the application process.

Applications for Rent: Your rental application may be considered for ANY properties that are available for rent by Columbia Property Management. Each adult is required to submit an application for rental. There is a non-refundable application fee of $75.00 for each adult. Married couples with the same last name may apply jointly and will only be charged one application fee of $75.00. No application will be processed without an application fee. Your application does not guarantee that you will be accepted nor does it commit that you will rent the property. It is our obligation to our client to find the most qualified tenant to rent their property. If multiple applications are received for one property, the most qualified applicant will be accepted.

Specific Criteria to Qualify: Columbia Property Management looks at four separate categories when determining the overall strength of an application. 1) Income – Gross monthly income should be at least four (4) times the monthly rental amount. All adults submitting an application will be included in the income requirement and you will be required to submit a copy of your most recent pay stub for documentation verification. 2) Rental History – We contact current and previous references to obtain information on your payment history, care for the property, violation of lease terms, fulfillment of lease obligations, etc. 3) Credit History – We use the major credit reporting companies to obtain a copy of your credit history/score. 4) Public Records – We search public records to determine whether or not an applicant has had a history of evictions, criminal activity, fraudulent checks, etc. If you are not a US citizen, then you will be asked to submit proof of legal residency. Should you need a reasonable accommodation or modification because of a disability as defined by the Fair Housing Act and SC Fair Housing Law, please contact us at your earliest convenience. Please note that limited medical documentation may be required as permitted by law.

Any falsification or omission of required information may lead to denial of the application, or if it is discovered at a later date, revocation of any lease with Columbia Property Management, LLC.

Co-Signers: Sometimes an applicant does not have enough references (not enough income, no rental history or no credit history) to qualify to rent a property. In this case, after processing your application to verify there is no negative information, the owner may consider a co-signer. A co-signer will have to submit a completed co-sign form and may be denied for delinquent credit or lack of information.

Length of Time Required to Process Applications: Upon receipt of a completed application, we begin immediately processing your application. Typically this process takes three (3) to five (5) business days to obtain all information on your application. If we are unable to verify all of your references, you may be asked to assist us in obtaining them. Your application is not considered completed until ALL INFORMATION has been gathered on income, credit, rental references and public records for all adult applicants. Should your application be accepted, you will be notified by telephone or email. SHOULD YOUR APPLICATION BE DENIED, YOU WILL BE NOTIFIED BY TELEPHONE AS WELL AS A FORMAL LETTER IN THE MAIL.

How to Secure a Property Once Your Application has Been Approved: Once you have been notified that your application for a property has been approved, you will need to pay the security deposit in the full amount in order to secure the property. We will continue to show the property and accept applications until an approved applicant has paid the full security deposit for that property. A property is only taken off the market for rent once a full security deposit has been paid. An appointment to sign the lease must be scheduled as soon as possible with one of the licensed brokers at Columbia Property Management. Rent payment will start no later than 15 calendar days past the property availability date. Failure of the applicant to sign the lease or take possession of the property will result in forfeiture of the full security deposit.

Pets: If you have a pet, please verify that the property you are applying for will accept your pet. Some of the properties allow pets while others do not allow pets at all. At a minimum, a non-refundable pet fee will be required along with a pet permit prior to the animal being allowed at the property. The property owner reserves the right to decide whether or not to allow certain breeds, types of pets, pet weight limits, age limits and the amount of the pet fee.

By signing this application (or selecting this box on the web application), I acknowledge that I have read, understood, and agreed to the above terms and conditions regarding the process of my rental application, and this serves as my electronic signature giving Columbia Property Management, LLC authorization to verify and/or release my references.

Personal Information

Applicant Name
Name of Spouse (if applicable)
Military Information:

Rental Property Information

The Applicant(s) hereby applies to Columbia Property Management, LLC for rent of the property located at:

Vehicle Information

Current & Previous Address

Previous Addresses:

Employment Information

If employed for less than one year in current position, please indicate previous employment...

Spouse's Employment Information

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Other Income (Optional)

Credit References

Pet Information

(If more than one pet, please list all. Some properties do not allow pets at all. Properties that do allow pets may have restrictions on size and breed and will require a non-refundable pet fee.)

Emergency Contact

Credit Card Information

Provide your credit card information to handle the application fee of $75.00. This is a secure form. Your credit card information will be encrypted for your protection.

Applicant authorizes Landlord to verify the foregoing information and to make credit, employment, rental history and reference inquiries deemed necessary by them, and Applicant also authorizes the release of information contained on this application or sought by such inquiries. Applicant hereby pays a non-refundable application fee of $75.00.

*Cannot accept American Express.

If this application is accepted by Landlord, Applicant agrees to execute a rental agreement of the Property in the form which has been exhibited to Applicant by Landlord, and agrees to pay a security deposit of $____________.

Additional Information

Please sign your full name indicating you have read and agreed to the application terms and conditions and give Columbia Property Management, LLC permission to verify and/or release references. *