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Certification of Proposed Social Services Professional (SSP)
Colorado Office of the Child's Representative

When to use this form:
OCR Contract Attorneys can use this form to certify that a Social Services Professional (SSP) satisfies the OCR's qualifications for the SSP payment rate in accordance with OCR's SSP Policy.

Proposed Social Services Professional (SSP):

If this SSP is approved, s/he will be added to CARES. Please provide an email address for CARES that belongs to him/her and not to any other active or inactive account in CARES. (Gmail users may provide an alias.)

I certify that this proposed SSP satisfies the Office of the Child’s Representative’s (OCR’s) qualifications for the SSP payment rate because s/he meets the following qualifications:
(Select all that apply.) *

If no License or Master's above:
This proposed SSP has at least two years of professional experience and direct involvement with children/and or families(Select all that apply.) *

Type your name and date below to further certify that you will use the proposed SSP to assist in your investigation and advocacy as as required by CJD 04-06 and as consistent with the terms of your OCR contract (including but not limited to the completion of all CBI background checks).  Typed signature shall suffice as if original.
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